If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research”. (Albert Einstein)

Queens Yacht Design pure innovation


Queens Yacht Design spents about 12% of resources on research. The goal is to achieve useful improvements with the knowledge gained: Innovation.

Only when is understood completely how and why something works, or fails, it can be improved. These practical improvements can result in more sustainable products or production techniques, lower production cost, improved comfort, lower energy consumption, and other benefits. Our designs and clients enjoy the benefits of this. And indeed, as Einstein said, the outcome of research can be surprisingly different than expected.

Queens Yacht Design innovation research sustainable woodQueens Yacht Design innovation research biobased composite


Some recent research topics are:

* Can biobased and natural fibers and resins be used for composite products and boats?

* How do biobased and natural fibers and resins behave under various environmental conditions?

* What are the possibilities for biobased and reusable materials to 3D print large structures?

* How to use the characteristics of electric motors to create benefits in boat propulsion?

* How to design for efficient modular building and easy (dis)assembly?

* What are sustainable alternatives for often applied boat building materials?

* What are sustainable alternatives for teak?

* What are the sustainable alternatives for antifouling?

* What is the effect of antifouling on ship resistance?

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The Dutch government and the Provincie Noord-Holland support this research financially, which is greatly appreciated.